We deliver a compelling value proposition that demonstrates that we understand our clients business.
We also have a good and deep knowledge of the Nigeria’s business terrain. Our success is our people, highly skilled professionals who are recognized for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.

We deliver a compelling value proposition that demonstrates that we understand our clients business.
We also have a good and deep knowledge of the Nigeria’s business terrain. Our success is our people, highly skilled professionals who are recognized for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.


This type series has a modular structure, with strokes of 90, 120, 150, 180, 250 und 360 mm.

One to six cylinders are arranged either vertically (in line), horizontally (opposed cylinder type) or in V-design.

Ultimate pressures of up to 250 bar with un-lubricated cylinders, or 700 bar with lubricated cylinders are possible. An output between 65 kW – model 90 – and 1,035 kW – model 360 – per cylinder allows an overall output of up to 6,200 kW (6 x 1,035 kW).


From Cylinders to Hand Pumps and Filtration components to Motors, JSI has proven to be an industry leader in the provision of effective, reliable hydraulic components.

Whether you are an end-user, or involved in one of the many industries which relies heavily on hydraulics, here at JSI we are confident that we can provide the Hydraulic Components that you need!

At JSI, we offer only the very best hydraulics products. Each and every design of our hydraulic products has been rigorously tested and we have left our satisfied customers.

Rich in hydraulic equipment and systems knowledge and with many years experience in hydraulic components supply, we really are the one-stop hydraulics resource.

Flanges and Fittings

JSI has been a leading distributor for flanges and fittings for industries ranging from Oil & Gas to Construction.

Our range of products all meet industrial standards such as ASTM, ASME, API, UNS, SB, DIN and JIS to ensure that we can serve every customer’s project standards.

Our industry-leading combination of competitive prices, technical mastery and on-time, as-promised deliveries, has earned us an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction, a reputation that is only matched by the top-notch quality customer service and efficient procurement expertise of our trained staff.


JEVANT SPENCER INT’L. CO. LTD provides total air conditioning solutions for the onshore and offshore operations.

JSI services in this area include the following:

  • HVAC planned maintenance contract
  • Design, supply and commissioning of platform HVAC Systems
  • Design, supply and commissioning of platform Chiller System and Refrigerated stores.
  • Offshore platform, drill, ships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, FPSO’s, FSO’s.
  • Onshore oil and gas processing facilities, LNG plants, refineries.
  • Onshore hazardous process areas, high integrity systems.
  • Full installation, commission and maintenance services.
Centrifugal pumps can be classified further as
  • End Suction Pumps
  • In-Line Pumps
  • Double Suction Pumps
  • Vertical Multistage Pumps
  • Horizontal Multistage Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Self-Priming Pumps
  • Axial-Flow Pumps
  • Regenerative Pumps

Safety Equipments

Workplace safety can mean different things for different environments. Whatever safety means for your role, JSI can help you to achieve it.
JSI provides high-quality, dependable products you can trust to keep employees and work sites safe.
JSI can service, maintain and supply your fire extinguishers, fire alarm, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems and carry out your fire risk assessment as well as fire training at very competitive prices.
JSI is your #1 provider of workplace and personal safety equipment. We have distributed a variety of high-quality industrial hygiene equipment and safety supplies around the country.
Our specialties include gas detection, industrial safety equipment and industrial hygiene instrumentation.


We have always been at the leading edge of gear technology with innovative products and bespoke power transmission solutions.

With a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability, JSI is providing high precision gears and gear boxes that meet the rapidly changing requirements of many industries.

The company supplies all kinds of heavy duty Industrial Gears, gearboxes and different steel casting equipment.


Combining unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety, fiberglass grating is proven to deliver years of reliable service, even in the most demanding environments.

At JEVANT SPENCER INTERNATIONAL we offer two types of quality fiberglass grating distinguished by their method of construction. These gratings are classified as molded products and pultruded products.

Whether it be a single panel or a turnkey fiberglass platform, our experience and expertise will guide you through the process and manage your project from beginning to end.


JEVANT SPENCER INTERNATIONAL is the leading supplier of bulk material conveying products and services in the Country.

Our Services include: Turnkey Belt Removal and Installation, Vulcanized and Mechanical Splice Installation, Belt Cleaners and Plows – Installation and Maintenance, Pulley Lagging Installation – Field and Shop, Routine Conveyor Maintenance.

Whether you are looking for belting products or conveyor belts, you will receive unmatched service from our sales professionals and manufacturing experts.


Jevant Spencer International have a full fledged fabrication facility that provides us the opportunity of pre-fabricating a number of units in a controlled environment, thereby, saving time and cost. This facility has handled a number of complex equipment with a wide range of materials.

We offer repairs, consultancy, general engineering, and specialist welding of metals(industrial machinery). More so, we repair and fabricate parts, pumps, conveyors, hydraulics, motors, gearboxes, compressors.

Also we have a team comprising of skilled workers (including uphill & downhill welders, piping & structural fitters, blasters and painters) and unskilled workers



Our testing and maintenance equipment are highly mobile and extremely cost effective. Contracting your hydrostatic testing, valve maintenance and leak detection services to us will eliminate the high cost of maintaining your facilities.

Our field service team is second to none for timely, long-lasting valve service.
Our repair staff has the experience and competency to supervise your maintenance crew during critical valve service and repair. Maximize your manpower resources and minimize costs by letting the Jevant Spencer International valve service team supervise your maintenance crews.



At JSI we know that you can’t get your job done until your equipment is working properly, Our shipwrights, riggers, machinists, welders, diesel experts, painters, pipefitters and craftspeople are long-term, dedicated employees who work as a team to get the job done and done right.

We understand that your bottom line depends on getting your vessel back in the water as quickly and safely as possible. Our teamwork and vessel know-how has kept out customers afloat.




We provide high standard Crane and Deck Services for offshore environments.

Among the services rendered are the following:

  • The provision of back-to-back crane operators with the required training and skills to operate and maintain all cranes.
  • The Provision of materials, equipment and labour to carry out repairs and routine maintenance on all equipment.
  • The technical authority for all crane Maintenance, Engineering and Inspection services.
  • The Maintenance, Certification, Inspection and colour coding of all portable and fixed lifting equipment on the offshore installations. This will include all pad eyes, lifting beams, runway beams and items of a similar nature. This to be maintained as specified in Nigerian legislation.
  • The Provision of a 5 year routine maintenance activity plan.