About Us

JEVANT SPENCER INTL CO LTD is essentially an Engineering Service Firm that is primarily concerned with Oil and Gas activities, Onshore/Offshore support, with procurement of engineering tools, machinery, Research and Laboratory services, Energy Plant Facilities, Environmental & Waste Management, Maintenance, Fabrication and Repairs,Installation and Technical Support Rendering among others.


Our vision is to lay a solid foundation for the next over 200 years at Jevant Spencer which is formidable with enviable standards as an organization, with family roots we avoid the luxury of short-term-ism and making decision that support our future health.


Our Mission is to be a one stop and veritable solution provider in Oil and Gas, Engineering Services, Agricultural intervention, Laboratory And Research, Pharmaceuticals, and Related Training Delivery.


Jevant Spencer International  Company limited  started on a very humble background and has gradually evolved over the last two decades into a formidable giant representing and delivering on parallel services and solutions in various sectors to include Oil and Gas, Agriculture, engineering, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical supplies and training.

Registered in Nigeria in 1994, but business started in 1997, we also have representative offices registered in England and Wales, since 2006.

In Jevant Spencer International  Company limited, we plug our dream machinery to work on the right mind of fabric and we weave the imagination of our success and can do spirit into the kind of cloth that is sell-able.

We are establishing a distinct organization built on great values and honesty, with a robust profile that is forward thinking with Positive Mentality and Character, Quality and Excellence not quick sand.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Success
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Our Business philosophy hinges on the need to consistently deliver value exchange for Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Best Practices, Combination of Innovations , Efficiency and Dedicated Hard Work to stay Competitive in a dynamic world.