We offer a 360-degree solution in agriculture. Agriculture and environment will always have a cut across impact on all spheres of industry and investments; from basic food production to feed a nation, to provision of raw materials for industry and manufacture of products for simple –complex applications and solutions.

We offer total, contemporary, cost effective solutions for agriculture concerns alongside the best Green practices for environment in waste management.

We provide the best tractors for a wide range of application & heavy duty requirement for tropical terrains.


 Local farmers and poorly mechanized farms are challenged due to huge losses from poor storage techniques and transportation for their produce.

This wasted can be curbed by improved techniques, technology solutions, better packing amongst so many other ideals for preservation and movement.

JEVANT spencer int’l offers exclusive solutions for storage and effective transportation.



 Today local production is ultimately successful when it can compete in quality, quantity, global standards and consequently bring in foreign exchange.

We offer solutions for export, packaging and branding via exclusive partnership with the institute of export operations and management (IEOM).

We offer solutions to farmers and agro-allied industries that seek to venture into export consumption and adherence to global and national standards.


 The right knowledge and practical hands on experience cannot be downplayed in agriculture for success and minimised losses on profit and basic investment funds, man-power and machinery.

We offer holistic training in agriculture for agro-preneurs, Export, packaging and branding, farm mechanization, farming (crop and animal) etc.

Our Product Advantage

  • Our product will make an important contribution to pest control and prevent infestation of mice, snails, slugs into the crops. Furthermore, our product is an
    effective part of prevention against viral diseases ie: Greenflies, flying in from bushes, hedges and field edges, carrying viral diseases).
  • Our product will help to level out the uneven grazing of cows, increase the quantity and quality of the pasture. This will in turn ensure that the Grass-height, density and structure is maintained, so that fresh grass can re be produced.
    This is fundamental in forage/pasture maintenance. Our product  will be able to chop bushes on brooks and forest edges thus recovering the pasture. In addition, the product will help to maintain the security of the pasture by cutting grass under live wires, hence battery discharge will be prevented.